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The verse on the front cover is in the diary for August 9th 1916 (Polls Birthday), Composer unknown.

The diary is written in 5 noteboks, one book for each period between leave in England. Each book was written in pencil, each page closely covered on both sides. This transcript of the diaries was copied out word for word by his son Richard John Roads.


Drawing of Alfred Edward Roads
Bombardier. Alfred Edward Roads. 18360 R.G.A.
Born December 20th 1884.
At Elizabeth Villa, Margaret Road, New Barnet, Herts.
Married March 17th 1913 to Mabel Filler, of Codicote, Herts. (Polly)
Edward Alfred 26.12.1913.
Kathleen Elizabeth Pheobe 26.7.1915
Richard John 12.11.1920
Margaret Emily 12.3.1923.
Enlisted 7th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. No. 2493 on the 27.1.1902
Purchased out 23rd January 1903
Re-enlisted 26th January 1904. 40th Bty Royal Garrison Artillery No. 18360
Stationed At home. Mauritius and Sierra Leone.
With Colours. 9 years. Abroad 4 years 39 days.
Transfer to Reserve 25.1.1913
Joined Tramways 1913. As Tramways conductor.
Remobilised 6.8.1914. Joined 40th Bty R.G.A. at Shoreham.
Landed in France 15.2.1915 with 121 Heavy Bty Royal Garrison Artillery.
Promoted To Lance/Bombardier 16.2.1918. To Bombardier 7.8.1918.
Army of Occupation 26.11.1918 to 10.1.1919
Demobilisation Transferred to reserve 5.4.1919.
Rejoined Tramways 1919. As Tram and Trolley Bus Conductor.
Retired 1949.

He Broke both his legs in a car accident, at Pricklers Hill Whetstone, in the early 1930`s. These caused him great discomfort later. He died on the 29th July 1952 Aged 67. Mabel (Polly) died on 22nd May 1976 Aged 88.


August 4th Great Britain declares war on Germany.
August 23rd Battle of Mons.
September5th-9th Battle of the Marne.
October 12th - November 11th 1st Battle of Ypres.
April 22nd- May 25th 2nd Battle of Ypres.
May 7th Battle of Aubers Ridge.
July 1st - November 13th Battle of The Somme.
September 15th Tanks used for the first time by the British.
April 9th- 14th Battle of Arras.
April 10th Vimy Ridge taken by Canadians.
June 7th Messines Ridge taken by British.
July 31st 3rd Battle of Ypres.
October 4th British Victory on Passchendale Ridge.
November 6th Passchendale taken by British.
March 21st The 1st German offensive against British opened on The Somme.
March 21st- April 4th Battle of Arras.
April 9th- 25th The 2nd German offensive against British.
Aug 8th British, Canadians and Australians attack in Front of Amiens.
September 26th General Allied offensive in the West began.
November 11th Armistice signed by Germany.
December 16th The Diarist arrives in Bonn with occupation force (Canadian).

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