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Dad's Diary - Book Two

19.5.1915 - 31.10.1915

Wornsdag Wed 19th
Beastly weather today wet through. No chance of getting dry. Ypres souvenir hunting tonight. Very quiet along the firing line.
Donderdag Thurs. 20th
Fairly quiet. A nice chance to get a bit of sunshine. a few Allemande souvenirs over today. Ypres
Vrigdag Friday 21st
Another fine day ground is drying up a treat. Fields look better for a drop of rain. Aeroplane brought down NN of Ypres.
Zaterdag Sat 22nd
Quiet today. A few lively times during night haven't heard yet what was going on. Harness inspection this afternoon a lot of rot in wartime.
Zondag Sunday 23rd
Quiet today just a few rounds occasionally Picquet tonight.
Maandag Mon. 24th
Nearly gassed this morning early. About 3 o/c the Picquet woke me up to say the fumes were coming over, it was quite strong and made our eyes water, and gave us a slight headache and nasty taste in the mouth Ypres tonight.
Dinsdag Tuesday 25th
Another lovely day. A few shells came over our lines killing 2 horses on the road about 50 yards away, the driver was unhurt. Souvenir hunting in Ypres again tonight.
Woensdag Weds 26th
Heavy bombardment being on for 2 days now. Heard the Germans were in Barn at our position the other side of Ypres. Over 9.2 got on them blew them out, field and cavalry followed them up. Heard good news of Russia & Italy. Huge capture of Germans by both (Ypres tonight)
Note Served up with another respirator. Different pattern.
Donderdag Thurs. 27th
Inspection this morning by Captain Ypres
Vrigdag Friday 28th
Pay-day 5f Picquet tonight. Very quiet all round.
Zaterdag Sat 29th
Another quiet day Nothing doing Ypres tonight
Zondag Sunday 30th
Nothing doing Very quiet Ypres still burning went in for a souvenir tonight.
Maandag Mon. 31st
Lovely weather very quiet just an occasional round or two coming over. Plenty of aircraft about. Zeppelins (3) sighted some miles to the north going in direction of Calais. No more Ypres against orders.
Dinsdag Tues. 1st June
Turn out for Captain Musical rides on the field at farm got bummed up for our good driving.
Woensdag Weds 2nd
Nothing much doing in this quarter Aeroplanes busy.
Monday 7th
Germans sent over a few souvenirs today, heard no result of any damage yet aeroplane dropped 2 bombs in vicinity of farm where E-guns are billeted, about 100 yds from our billets but no damage, except to the crops.
Tuesday 8th
Nothing doing today. Thousands of Kitcheners quartered in the district Ypres very quiet lately.
Weds 9th
Quiet again thunderstorms today Captain goes on leave.
Thurs. 10th
Wet today just a couple of rounds came over, no damage very slow lately.
Friday 11th
Beastly wet today. Turned out twice with the wagon, once to Dikkebus for caterpillar wheels. 5f pay.
Sat 12th
Weather a bit better. artillery in this district woke up a bit, quite a bombardment going on towards right. Enemies light gun sending over shells, believe to be an armoured car on the Menin road. Vlamertinghe church on fire. Busy day for aeroplanes.
Sun 13th
Hear we are getting a few days leave. Anxiously waiting to see first one go, hope my turn will be soon. Aeroplane brought down but fell in the German lines We are going to Baillleul. Big attack last night several shells dropped near Bty: quite the busiest day lately. rest camp at Vlamer: was shelled 3 killed 8 injured.
Mon. 14th
Started 7am for Bailleul arrived there about 10.30. Lovely old French town of course full of soldiers who are camped and billeted all over the place. Left again 1.30 arriving back at lines about 5o/c, good day out for and the horses. Ypres to Bailleul being about 17k (13 miles)
Tuesday 15th
Turned out for Captain who is in charge, Major having gone home on leaves, had a musical ride for 2 hours down a wagon lines. Expected big attack to commence tonight, troops massing all round here. ADJ of H.A.C. got knocked off his horse by shrapnel just outside our Bivvy.
Note The bloody triangle a name given to the salient the East of Ypres where we were in position Feb: Mar: April, Hooge a few yards beyond our old position being the scene of some very violent fighting. Being taken and retaken several times.
Wed 16th
Heavy bombardment commenced this morning about 3 am for about 5 hours. Germans of course did not let them have it all their own way and put over a few souvenirs of different sizes. Hear our chaps took 5 lines of trenches and a lot of prisoners. More troops coming up all evening.
Thurs. 17th
Nothing particular happened artillery bombardment continues. ADJT. of H.A.C. got knocked of his horse lines. Hit in the head by shell from our own anti-aircraft guns.
Friday 18th
Heard news that trenches had been taken in Hooge direction. 3 German officers being brought down through Ypres by a Private of the N.F.S. when a shell dropt near them killing all 3 officers, merely scratching our soldier. What luck.
Note Edgley's birthday got a parcel we had tinned Irag fish cake and strawberry jam for tea.
Sat 19th
Decrease in bombardment. Troops keep going up through Ypres to the trenches. Plenty of aircraft about No special news.
Sun 20th
very warm a nice quiet day today, hard to realise a war is going on Jackson goes on leave for 5 days. My turn comes in 3 years at this rate.
Turn out today for more riding exercises. Fairly quiet. Heard a lot of rifle fire during the night., not heard anything special.
Tue 22nd
Nothing much doing again today. A few aeroplanes UB
Wed 23rd
A quiet day, occasional shell firing. Bombardment started tonight at 7.30 on Hooge trenches turned out a failure. H.A.C. spent several hours bivied in our field had some interesting chats with them.
Sat 3rd
Lovely weather, slight firing on both sides, one of 71's guns put out of action Hear they have some slight casualties. Turned out for Major this morning.
Sun 4th
Fairly quiet day. German shelled Ypres went into the town first time for nearly a month, what a sight, roll on England.
Mon. 5th
Bailleul today, very warm, had a fairly good time sent home parcel, tablecloths.
Tuesday 6th
Heavy bombardment on our left towards Hetsur Steindtract Haven't heard yet what's doing. Picquet.
Friday 9th
Turned out today for inspection, on our way back from wagon lines saw aeroplane tumbling over and over, it came down with an awful rush, Germans had been shooting at it. don't know if they hit it, or it was an accident, Pilot was killed. Pay day 10f.
Sat 10th
Nothing much doing aeroplanes up again, went into Ypres for souvenirs.
Sun 11th
2 letters from home all still well. Went into Ypres this afternoon several large shells dropt while we were in. Sent off parcel.
Mon. 12th
Rotten day heavy cold winds, hot and wet in turns fairly quiet on the front.
Tuesday 13th
Lovely day fairly quiet heavy bombardment started on our left. Towards, Hetsas Steenotract tonight Picquet tonight
Wed 14th
Large parties in vicinity busy digging trenches and shelters. Big attack started about 8.45 tonight. Wyteschaet Way.
Thurs. 15th
Today is the day that the Kaiser is going to strafe us. several shells have been dropped just around here injuries several and killing a few horses. A aeroplane came down in the field just behind our horse lines, engine trouble. No news yet.
Friday 16th
Attacks going on during the night at intervals, haven't any news what is doing. Fairly quiet today. Infantry preparing for something. Trenches are being dug all round this part, it is going to be another winter campaign.
Sat 17th
Out for rations, pouring with rain nothing extra occurred today.
Sun 18th
Beautiful day, plenty of aircraft, German brought down this evening, dropt in their lines.
Mon. 19th
Germans doing a bit of shelling today. several gas shells dropt near us, quite strong but not enough for respirators. Hear bombardment is coming off tonight. Congratulations from Gen.: Com: 5th Div: appears in orders tonight 5th further down the line, we are attached to another division.
Tuesday 20th
Bailleul today, lovely joy ride. Hooge chateau blown up last night. Bit of a bombardment all the heavy's had a go. We captured 150 yards of trench and over 20 prisoners, hear the crater was 50' across and 40 feet deep, and killed nearly 200 Germans.
Wed 21st
Went into Ypres with team and wagons to get wood and bricks for our horse lines. The destruction is indescribable, the walls that are left are the most peculiar shapes and it seems as if it would only take a light wind to blow the lot down. The Germans even now cannot let the town alone, but keep lobbing shells of all sizes over into it. In the hope I suppose of killing a few troops who are billeted in some of the old cellars. We went in and out without much occurring. The right 1/2 of 7 siege has taken up a position behind our battery at right angles. 2.6 inch mark 7 their first target is to be Menin.
Thurs. 22nd
On Picquet nothing extra occurred, we've got heaps of troops around here, more keep coming every day, yet the final burst seems a long time coming. Anxiously awaiting news from home, and poor old Poll:
Friday 23rd
It will soon be the month end, how the time does fly. Aeroplane brought down this evening (German). Quiet on the front.
Sat 24th
Went into Ypres for bricks its quite depressing going in the town everywhere is battered and broken whole streets burned to the ground and everywhere so quiet. The enemy still keep throwing shells into it.
Sun 25th
Weather changeable. Had green peas today, they were ripping. Saw another enemy plane brought down this evening burning. I hear 2 others were also brought down. 6 inch MK7 behind us fired to pay for Ypres.
Mon. 26th
Very changeable today and showery. 71 BTY had a few cas: today 1 killed. Several shell dropt in their BTY. K.E.P. born.
Tues. 27th
Into Ypres with wagon for bricks, jumped out of wagon onto a nail, went through boot into ball of foot, went to see Medico: hot fermentation's attend. A couple of wagons got hit in town today, 1 killed belonging to 12 siege.
Weds 28th
Attending Medico: Had letter to say M has baby daughter just what she wanted, born on the 26th. More bombardment of 71 position. Saw a chap of 108 who was hit by a bit of driving band most miraculous escape just grazed ribs. Very blowy today.
Note Judd and Tunsell gone to Base Hosp: Boulogne.
Thurs. 29th
Nothing mush doing today. &1 got shelled again last night, 1 hit. Our BTY fire a decent bit today. 6 M7 fired at 18,000 yards on comines. Several aeroplanes up (10F pay)
Friday 30th
big attack today. Hear we have lost some trenches, regained some in the afternoon. Met a couple of chaps I knew in Dover. plenty of big gun fire going on tonight.
Sat 31st
Big attack early this morning. hear that 12 siege had a gun (9.2) burst killed 5 inj: 8. Plenty of gun fire both sides all day, big attack started about 8.30 p.m., grand sight to look at, with the flares and bursting shell. Our battery quiet.
August Sun 1st
Bombardment continued intermittently during last night and today. 71 seem to be marked again. Several yarns going about trenches captured and lost in Hooge direction, nothing definite. Germans are using liquid fire up there squirting it into our trenches.
Mon. 2nd
Bad news of 123 heavy who are on the canal just outside Ypres. hear they had 2 guns busted up and nearly all detachments lost. Germans keep up very heavy fire on their dugouts. Last night we had several shell drop to close to be comfortable, covering us with dirt and stones. Our battery kept up the firing during the night. came across Dukie this afternoon, first N.B. chap I have met out here.
Tuesday 3rd
Very showery most miserable day. Expected big bombardment did not come off, altho' there was a lot of firing going on. "B" gun team in for proven tomorrow. hear that Bailleul has been bombard by Germans today.
Weds 4th
set out for Proven at 7.30 am, nasty day. Passed through Poperinge, where we disembarked coming out here, the town had been shelled last night by Germans doing much damage to houses no lives believed to be lost. Proven is a decent little place but nothing like Bailleul, plenty of soldiers about.
Thurs. 5th
hear the Germans have been shelling Bailleul & Poperinge with their big guns, lot of casualties. Our heavies opened fire early this morning.
Got a touch of piles.
Friday 6th
another early attack 3 a.m. this morning, lot of troops waiting round here, something coming off I suppose. Parcel from home.
Sat 7th
The usual early morning attack, the heavies fairly make the ground tremble. The 9.2 and 8 inch are just behind us, the 6 in and 60 pndr. both sides and in front, so one can guess there's a bit of a rumble when these are all blazing away early in the morning. The Germans don't seem to be quite so free with their ammunition.
Note Respirator date 8.8.15
Sun 8th
Heard about Warsaw fallen. Usual days routine, water feed and exercise. The early morning bombardment the same. We have 5 mountain battery we us here, their mules make the most awful noise. Dukies lot pushed off back to Rheninhelst, for a rest.
Mon. 9th
Extra heavy bombardment this morning 2.50 Brocks benefit nowhere in it, the country was fairly lit up with busting shell. Heard some good news that we had captured several trenches and about 300 prisoners. The enemy still have a bang a Ypres and Poperinge. The Gordons went into the trenches. All our heavies had another go in the afternoon to break up the German counter attack, which I'm pleased to say failed. I'm waiting for official new to come out.
Tues. 10th
Our early morning bomb: as usual, otherwise fairly quite day. several yarns about yesterday morning attack, all favourable to us.
Weds 11th
Germans still throwing their big shell about 15in: I hear. They don't do much damage, as they mostly drop in the middle of a field or amongst the ruins Our people on Mondays turnout, captured the trenches lost on 30 & 120Yds besides, and 3 officers 150 men prisoners 3 guns.
Thurs. 12th
Went to Poperinge the civil pop: are leaving owing to the bombardment had a fairly long day.. tonight some shrapnel burst in our farm yard, but did no damage. Our heavies did a good lot of firing during the day at intervals.
Friday 13th
Off for Poperinge again this morning 8 a.m. 5 wagons for stores for horselines, arrived back at 2 p.m. the enemy still drop an occasional round anywhere around the country. a few 15 0r 17 inch come over. Picquet.
Sat 14th
Things fairly quiet again a few of the Germans large special Jack Johnsons done little or no damage. Edgley hears his B&L was killed at Hooge on the 31st. We have got one gun out of action, "A" gun sub started off to Godenwaersvelde for new one, we might go anytime for ours.
Sun 15th
Pay 10F. "A" sub brought their gun back, told us yarns about how they had been all over the country, they had to go to Caestre.
Mon. 16th
Went Proven. Nothing extra occurred whilst we were away (posted parcel)
Note issued with another smoke helmet.
Tues. 17th
German shelling all around vicinity, a lump of shell broke into our dugout dropt on the paper I was reading.
Weds 18th
Inspected by major marching order about time he gave up such nonsense.
Germans shelled us again stink shells, tried to gas us.
Thurs. 19th
Fairly quiet all day, lots of troops going into the trenches. Germans a bit quieter this evening, had a stink shell or two come over.
Friday 20th
Today the enemy have had a good time try to strafe us, but with very little success. Several shell dropped into our horselines, doing a lot of damage to the trees, we cleared out for few hours. Ypres has been mercilessly shelled the last few days whatever for I'm sure I think.
Sat 21st
A beastly day, simply poured, we got wet through, out on exercise. Not much doing after the do yesterday. Fairly decent evening.
Sun 22nd
Lovely day but rather cold. Germans dropt several large shell into Vlamertinghe saw base of one that fell in our horselines nearly a mile away. It weighed 146 lbs. & was 14 inches in diameter. Tonight they are trying to "strafe" us with some more large shell, fairly throwing it about.
Note Jock Morrow goes on 1 months leave. Extending service for duration of the war.
Mon. 23rd
Today has been a proper day of excitement, last night several rounds of shrapnel dropt in our horselines, of course I was one of the lucky ones. Both my horses were hit we cut them all lose. I went out and caught 108 and took her under cover, my other 38 was laid out with one in the ribs we lost 3 killed and 16 injured, 8 serious. This evening we moved our lines down to Vlamertinghe, where our first line is.
Tues. 24th
Exercise, cleaning up etc. got the order to get ready to go for guns tomorrow morning, got scratch gun team together, 108 very bad, fetching guns scratched.
Weds 25th
Exercise, buried one of major horses, got an order to harness up to fetch guns out of action. 6pm.
Thursday 26th
Fetched guns down to first line last night. Started off for Caestre a 7 am. arrived 2 p.m., off saddled in field, billeted for the night. 108 dead, 3rd horse I've had shot 47,38,108.
Friday 27th
Started for Ypres at 11 a.m. with new guns (2) met "C" sub at Godewaersvelde going for theirs, got into our position about 5.45, very hot day, rotten riding 4 letters and 2 papers waiting for me.
Saturday 28th
exercise and harness cleaning. warned for wagon lines, left at 6o/c, just as we left we saw 912 go up. 7 siege BTY. This is the second gun burst within the last few weeks, 2 killed 10 injured. Pieces dropped all around us, several very large.
Sun 29th
Easy day today looking after sick horses, parcel from home. Had a sleep this afternoon.
Mon. 30th
Very quiet again having a fine time down here. Niggers appetite, no work plenty of sleep. Heard 3 more poor horses dead making 9 in all.
Tues. 31st
Taking things easy, nothing to trouble us. Went into Vlamertinghe for a walk this evening. Very much battered about, church in ruins, saw Col Benson, my old coast Major. Sierra Leone.
Wed 1st September
Things about the same. Went to a concert held in Staff's camp at Odehom. Plenty of grub and sleep these days.
Thurs. 2nd
Very cold and changeable. There is a lively bombardment going on.
Heavy artillery shells bursting show up against the black clouds. several spies have been rounded in today.
Friday 3rd
Beastly weather today, simply poured, country fairly sodden. Hear an attack is coming off tonight. Yesterday our people captured 2 trenches after losing 2 and regaining them. Nothing except sleep today, fair rotten.
Sat 4th
Weather still beastly, nothing doing. Hear there is some scrapping going on further north Diksmuide way, we can hear heavy firing.
Sun 5th
Lovely morning, started raining later on, simply poured. Mud feet deep. Hear another 912 has busted 5 killed several injured.
Note An aeroplane brought down beyond Ypres believe to be one of ours heavy firing to the north (Diksmuide)
Mon. 6th
Exercise this morning. Sgt Major, 3 other gone home as instructors.
B.Q.M.S. made his Commish: (Davidson) plenty of aircraft about this evening.
Tuesday 7th
Another fine day, things fairly quiet, plenty of aeroplanes about, both sides receiving plenty of attention from the anti-aircraft guns. All had some near shaves. Saw one of our planes come down in a field next to ours, some engine trouble. No letters from home since last Sat's.
Weds 8th
Another fine day today, this is the 3rd running. What a change to get a few days of sunshine. There is still plenty of heavy firing going on to the left of Ypres. 2M Sergt's gone home. Plenty of aircraft about, just the weather for them. Had blackberries and rice for dinner.
Thurs. 9th
Germans putting over some heavy shell in Ypres, Vlam and Dikemuide. Several aircraft duels today. weather splendid.
Friday 10th
Several shell dropping around, none very close to us. fine day for aircraft, which seemed to all bear charmed lives, shrapnel exploding all around them, but none brought down.
Sat 11th
Hear of the Zepp raid over London. Nothing extra doing here.
Sun 12th
Pay 10f Quiet again just the usual aircraft chasing. None brought down
See the pinnacle, the only one that was left on the Cloth Hall for months, has at last disappeared. The Town is still shelled fairly regularly.
Mon. 13th
Fairly quiet, went to fill sandbags for our dugout, when I go back to battery horse lines, we have 11 remounts. 2 for me, not up to much.
Tuesday 14th
Rain this morning, first for about 10 days. Nothing doing.
Wed 15th
Lovely day. Heavy artillery firing occasionally during the day Aeroplanes out again dodging the shells.
Thurs. 16th
Nothing much doing. Sent 2 more horses down to the mobile vet Sec: 1 of those that was shot 3 weeks ago, "Lizzie" lead of B'sub' aeroplanes active 2 have been brought down here the last few days. Very exciting for us watching.
Friday 17th
Went filling sandbags for our dugout up at the battery lines, usual artillery firing Germans throwing there stuff about anywhere and not doing much damage as far as I could see "C" sub: gun to go up to the support trenches, for potting at captive balloons. I was brought down by 71A couple of day ago.
Sat 18th
Went to fill some more sandbags tonight "C"subs affair cancelled, to risky. Usual heavy artillery firing that seems to be all that is doing around here. Some talk of an advance coming off in this quarter shortly, lets hope so.
Sun 19th
Weather still continues fine. Heavy Arty: firing, nothing else doing aeroplanes active. Still taking things easy.
Mon. 20th
Fine weather, plenty of aeroplanes about. Some heavy firing on Vlameringhue
(17), our artillery did some firing during the day
Tues. 21st
No mail today. allsorts of yarns about channel being stopped. Marching order tomorrow.
Wed 22nd
Marching order this morning, first time out with my 2 new remounts. Got returned to battery lines this afternoon. Saw Kitchener inspect the Highland Brigade, Roy:Scots, 1st & 4th Gordons. he said that big things were expected of them shortly, all battery's round here have 500 rounds surplus ready for a big do coming off. 3 letters from home.
Thurs. 23rd
Am getting back into the old routine. Exercise, etc. Picquet tonight. 3 aeroplane shell dropt & burst in this field, where our horselines & dugouts are, just a trifle to close to be pleasant. (Parcel from home)
Friday 24th
A day of big events at 3 this morning a heavy artillery attack commenced, and last about 2 hours. A sort of Prelim: of what was going to occur, the Jocks went into the trenches, pipes playing. The N.I.H. Picqueted in our horse lines. Everyone is anxiously waiting.
Sat 25th
Jock Morrow came back off 1 months leave. The Big affair commence this morning at day break, and went off with an unearthly banging for sometime. 20 siege Bt. had a premature burst at the muzzle (8inch). Killing 2 & wounding 27 put Howitz: out of action. 122 Bty had breech block blow out killing 3 & wounding 3 or 4. German prisoners have been passing here all day, several hundred I should think, they do look a poor lot, but fine physique and I should say fairly well fed. All ages some very young looking. several I saw belong to the 172 Regiment. Plenty of artillery firing still going on tonight. But none very near. Here the Jocks are fearfully cut up, and that we have done well all along the line.
Sun 26th
Fine today, saw The Royal Scots come out of the trenches. About 200 strong saw result of Yesterdays turnout. Several trenches take and lost again. A premature on a gun of 71 killed 2 injured 3.
Mon. 27th
(20 siege) another premature in the 8 inch about 10.15 last night, heavy pieces dropt all around our lines 1 killed, 1 injured. heavy bombardment going on at the time.
Tues. 28th
Marching order everything have to be taken, quite exciting finding room for our souvenirs rumour told us we're going to another part of the line. But one came back to the same old position. See in orders about heavy enemy losses. The French capturing over 1800 & several guns, our people caught 2000 and 40 odd guns of different calibre's.
Wed 29th
Awful weather, rained all night and today. Message recd: today says 3 division of French have taken last line of enemy in Champagne and broken through. Pay up (F10)
Thurs. 30th
More rain. Plenty of mud about not much fighting going on. Good news still coming in about fighting lowerdown.
Friday 1st
Sat 2nd
Weather a lot better today. Plenty of aircraft about, went into Proven for foodstores.
Frost this morning weather much better, just the right for the aeroplanes of which there are nearly a dozen scouting around. Not much doing in the firing line just occasional outburst. The enemy don't throw there large stuff around as they used to.
Sun 3rd
Went into Ypres for a load of timber for the horselines. Some one has called it the ghost, another the dustheap, both are very appropriate. The Cathedral and Cloth hall seem to be the chief objects at which Germans fire. The remainder of the town consists of charred ruins and heaps of bricks, with shell holes all over the place. I am pleased to get out of there as it is shelled, also the roads approaching it.
Mon. 4th
Frost again this morning, signs that winter will soon be on us again, and the war not finished, I thought it would be over before this. I don't fancy winter in a dugout. Plenty of heavy artillery firing on both sides. 6 inch of 7 siege here moved out of their position.
Tues. 5th
Heavy artillery duel this morning early, Germans are bucking up again and have shelled everywhere and anywhere. Our people replied of course. Very wet today we are getting rotten grub, good job there are plenty of spuds and turnips in the fields
Wed 6th
A surprise turnout this morning, everything had to be taken, a snip for someone had we really gone as most of us left nearly all our stuff behind. Rotten day.
Thurs. 7th
Weather a lot better today, but oh, the mud. A large barn over the road from us on fire this evening, several pigs roasted. Nothing much doing in the scapring line.
Friday 8th
Picquet tonight, bit of a bust up on our right Kemmel Way, none of our heavies started so presume it wasn't much. Burns went on leave, the first driver to do so.
Sat 9th
Heavy bombardment going on some distance away. Plenty of aircraft about Germans still throwing their shell around the country doing little or no damage.
Sun 10th
Into Ypres for bricks this afternoon 9 wagons while going into the town there was plenty of shrapnel coming over, some heavy stuff H.E. fell about two streets away throwing the pieces all over us and shaking down several ruins, we got home al right some of our chaps will stop something in there one of these days.
Mon. 11th
Nothing doing today. aeroplane brought down one of ours I think. Raining tonight first for nearly a week.
Tues. 12th
Another marching order this morning, did one ever hear of such rot in wartime. Luckily the weather was fine. Had to go to Vlamertinghe for brick this evening with the engineers motor lorries. The place hadn't been shelled the last few nights, but sure tonight we had only just got there and started loading up when bang, bang, whiz bang along came 1/2 doz shells dropt about 20 yds to our left, we went on with the loading up until the M.P.s came and told us to get a move on. The 42 centimetre of the Germans had made a mess of the place, whole rows of Cotts: blown to bits and holes large enough to put 2 or 3 wagons and horses.
Wed 13th
Germans attack of Ypres last night. 8 inch & 9.2 Hows: fired this morning first time for a fortnight. This afternoon large attack on the South. Heavy rumblings have been heard in that direction all day. We saw some huge clouds of smoke rise where our people are using the gasses. "B" sub for Abele tomorrow. Pay 5 F Jocks go into the trenches.
Thurs. 14th
Went into Abele very misty this morning got there about 11.15. left at 5 o/c arriving home after rotten journey about 9 o/c. We got in the ditch several times owing to heavy fog.
Fri. 15th
Rotten misty day nothing much doing. Edgerly comes back to the lines Picquet tonight Mahoney on leave.
Sat 16th
Very misty nothing much doing Cooper on leave.
Sun 17th
Into Ypres for bricks this morning. 9 wagons. Very quiet. This afternoon a strafing commenced. Made a few improvement in our dugout.
Mon. 18th
Nothing much doing today. Just a few shrapnel to keep us moving.
Tues. 19th
Proven today Beautiful weather get back about 5o/c
Weds 20th
A lot of bombardment going on today. Weather a bit foggy.
Thurs. 21st
Practice turnout for the old man marching orders, fine weather for it. Gubby had a close shave his horse fell when at the canter dragged him about 30 yards.
Friday 22nd
More fog. Went into Ypres for bricks. No excitement
Sat 23rd
Fairly decent day. Nothing doing on the front very quiet.
Sun 24th
Picquet tonight. heavy Arty: Put over a few rounds which were soon returned by the Germans. Went into Ypres for bricks and wood.
Mon. 25th
Beastly weather started raining a 2 am this morning hasn't left off once place is properly saturated.
Tuesday 26th
What a contrast to yesterday, this morning was beautiful. The aeroplanes took advantage of it, one or two brought down, bit far of for us to see which side they were
Wed 27th
Enemy shelled our road yesterday, did no damage. King visited this part of the line today, we found a representative party weather rotten.
Thurs. 28th
Nothing much doing weather still very bad. Exercise this morning. Enemy shelled all the roads round here.
Fri 29th
Nothing much doing weather still very bad. Exercise this morning. Enemy shelled all the roads round here.
Sat 30th
Germans shelled the roads into Ypres and Vlamertinghe again, our heavies gave them a few in return.
Sun 31st
Last day of October start new book tomorrow. Went into Ypres today for bricks got a few more sacks of coal to carry us through the bad weather. We can do with a fire now it is very cold now as well as wet and muddy. The roads were shelled again today, several aeroplane were out Papers and letter from home.

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